Test server for Grace Christian Academy


  1. Schedule a visit to the Academy. It is always helpful to observe firsthand the environment of Grace Christian Academy.
  2. During your visit, speak with the Headmaster concerning the educational philosophy and methodology of a classical and Christ-centered school.
  3. Complete an application for Admission form and submit it to the GCA office with a non-refundable application of $75.00. A separate form and fee must be submitted for each child.
  4. Schedule a date for the entrance exam for your student. Every student is tested to ensure they are placed in the proper grade level. On the day of testing, parents should supply the Academy with all school records and standardized test results.
  5. Upon completion of the testing process, both parents and the prospective student will be interviewed by the headmaster and possibly other appropriate faculty members. The Administration may also contact the student’s pastor for a reference.
  6. After the interview and reviewing all other required information, the Administration will decide whether or not to admit the student.
  7. Upon acceptance, the family will receive an enrollment packet and the GCA Parent/Student Handbook. All parents and older students must read the Handbook and sign the form agreeing to uphold all the policies of GCA.
  8. All the appropriate forms are to be returned to the Academy along with a registration fee of $200.00 per student. A copy of the student’s birth certificate is also required.
  9. As required by New York State Law, all new students must have a physical examination prior to admission. In addition, the parents must provide a record of immunization showing the student is current with all the required inoculations.
  10. The first day of school is the Wednesday following Labor Day.
  11. Parents will receive a letter during the summer detailing supplies needed for school, as well as a reading list and any required summer projects.

Requirements for Parents/Students


For Parents:
Since Grace Christian Academy exists to educate the children of the Christian community, at least one parent of the student applicant must confess Jesus Christ as his/her Lord and Savior.

Since we believe the local church to be the vehicle through which God works, we strongly encourage believing parents of students to be united in membership with a local church that preaches Christ as the only way of salvation for lost humanity.

The parents enrolling a student must be willing to cooperate with all the written policies of the Academy. This is most important in the area of discipline and schoolwork standards, as well as active communication with the respective teacher(s) and administration. Parents must also read through the Academy’s Statement of Faith in order to gain an understanding of the basic doctrines that are taught at GCA.


For Students:
A child must have reached the age of five years by December 1 of the fall in which he/she would be entering kindergarten.

A child entering first grade must have reached the age of six years by December 1 of the fall in which he/she would enter GCA.

Every applicant is required to take a diagnostic Entrance Exam. Parents must supply the Academy with any previous standardized testing results, report cards and any other relevant material at the time of application. If a child has successfully completed the previous school year and his school work and behavior compare favorably to the comparable grade at GCA, the child will likely be placed in the grade for which he/she is applying.

However, if through the evaluation of GCA’s Diagnostic Entrance Tests or other evidence, it is determined that the child may not be adequately prepared for the next sequential grade level, it may be necessary that he/she repeat the previous grade.


1. Tuition can be broken into ten equal monthly payments for your convenience with no finance charges.
2. The first month’s tuition is due on the first of August.

GCA Handbook

Download a pdf version of our school handbook by clicking HERE

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