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Our faculty and staff are the main tools God has used to make the GCA experience an excellent one. From a variety of backgrounds and experiences comes one team working together to disciple and to teach. Might you have what it takes to be on this team? If you love the Lord, enjoy impacting the lives of students, and are effective in imparting your knowledge and understanding to others, you may very well have it – let’s find out together!

If teaching at GCA is something you believe you may be called to do, please let us know! The following positions are currently in need of filling but don’t let this listing discourage you. A need could open up any time and it is always good to be aware of qualified and available Christian teachers should that need arise.


2 Math/Science Teachers, full time.

In an effort to grow and refine our STEM program we are seeking two teachers who would join our Math/Science Department and share at least the following classes: Upper School Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1&2, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Forensics, Grade 5 Chemistry Grade 6 Physics.
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Latin Teacher, full time.

This position involves instructing students in grades 3-6 and Latin 1 for any new upper school students. As a classical school, Latin plays a very big role in all the subjects and helps students prepare to do well across the curriculum. A qualified candidate will show a mastery of the language, be a strong advocate for Latin, and use a dynamic teaching style that makes the language come alive for younger students.
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